Wellness Sanctuary of Love


Aguacate, your daily nature retreat. A wellness sanctuary of love where body, mind and soul connect in Oneness with all that is.Here to awaken you, to a mindful life full of purpose. Let go of the old and let life flow through you. Be present and grateful. Be nature, Be consciousness and vibrate off a new frequency of love and awareness. Happiness is a way of life and Aguacate will lead you the way to self discovery. A new life awaits...

About Daney and the birth of

Aguacate Sanctuary of Love


As a striving and successful real estate agent, a supportive husband by her side, four beautiful children, and four fun loving dogs, Daney felt loved and almost complete.

“Almost” because she always felt there was something more that she could do with her relentless power of always being positive, finding happiness through gratitude and her connection with nature.


Through her yoga practice and daily one-hour meditations, Daney discovered her “why” and the journey into her spiritual awakening began. A short time later, she welcomed two pigs (Bacon & Comet), a tortoise (Gary), four birds and two loving lizards into her home.  Always an animal lover and advocate, Daney turned to veganism – not only to lead a healthier lifestyle, but most importantly to stop the exploitation of animals.


It was then that she felt it was her calling to spread awareness about condoning animal cruelty, while educating, especially the Hispanic community, on how veganism can also have a tasty “latin” flare to it. 


She now believed we all have the power to awaken, while living our ideal life by allowing our soul to be the protagonist and silencing our ego.


Her and her husband built Aguacate Sanctuary of Love, a place for meditation, organic living, spiritual connection, holistic practices and in one universal word to define it all…..love.


Can’t wait to see you here!



A wellness sanctuary of love where body, mind and soul connect in Oneness with all that is.

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