Our health and consciousness depends on the ability to attract, store, and conduct electron energy. The greater our store of light energy, the greater the power of our overall electromagnetic field, and consequently the more energy available for healing and maintenance of optimal health. Metaphorically, a strong solar resonance field promotes the evolution of humanity to reach our full potential as human (sun) beings. Light supports evolution; a lack of pi-electrons in the body hinders evolution.

Live Foods. The Spiritual Nutrition diet is a special type of spiritual vegan diet aimed at helping us transcend body consciousness, clean the koshas, calm the vrittis of the mind, clear the nadis, and expand the prana. For this reason, Spiritual Nutrition is more disciplined than a regular vegetarian diet, generally lighter, and includes Spiritual Fasting and the taking of primarily live foods (uncooked roots, leafy vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds). These are called the food of the rishis (sages) or ancient Yogis, as well as the probable diet of the Essenes.

Live foods are raw and uncooked foods, naturally fermented foods such as sauerkraut and miso, and dehydrated foods, in which the food temperature does not exceed 118 Fahrenheit. They are foods that have their natural enzymes intact and have not been processed by irradiation, pesticide use, microwave, artificial additives, GMOs (genetically modified organics), or cooking (heated above 118 Fahrenheit through boiling, baking, frying, broiling, toasting, etc.) Live foods are rich in prana, which brings the prana force not only into the body, but also into the mind, helping to purify the 72,000 nadis and expand consciousness. Live foods are the most powerful foods for enhancing the flow of Kundalini/Shekhinah energy and cleansing the nadis through which the Kundalini/Shekhinah flows on the subtle plane. As the prana in our body increases, these nadis naturally open, allowing us the deeper perception of Truth and reality as Oneness.

These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.