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Circle of Healing Practices & Events


Green Power Yoga

Powered by Aguacate. Become your practice. Let flow, breathe, and movement be your GUIDE as you connect with the power within to balance, renew, and heal.. 

- Restorative/Yin Yoga
- Power Yoga 
- Kundalini 
- Vinyasa 
- Shakti Dance


Activate Your Divine Nature with Human Design

Discover your unique Energetic Blueprint. Create abundance from a place of authenticity & purpose. Check our calendar for monthly workshops on All things Human Design & give yourself permission to become who you were born to be! If you want a personalized Energy Reading contact Yania through her IG link below. 

Register through 
IG: Divinenature_activation

Image by malith d karunarathne

Special Offerings

New Moon Ceremony, Full Moon Ceremony, Activation Portals

Activate & expand.jpg

Knowledge & Expansion Portals

Join us for weekly workshops on “Awareness” practices for personal growth & wellbeing of mind & soul.

Image by Max Delsid

Cooking Classes

An educational culinary experience on best practices for spiritual nutrition & conscious eating.

Seedlings in Pots

Farmer’s Market
& Garden

Aguacate’s very own garden guru grows the highest quality herbs, spices, fruits, & veggies. Visit our garden & farmers market and take home a piece of Aguacate with you! 


Sacred Tree BookClub

Each month we come together with a selected book to discuss topics relevant to spiritual growth & healing

Image by Becca Tapert

Meet our Healers

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