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Yoga Session

Meet our Yoga Instructors


Nikki Benoit

An east coast native, Nikki spent her college years and beyond as an activist for animals, the environment and social justice. Needing to make sense of, and come to peace with, everything along the way, she began her work on the spiritual level. When she realized that the conditions of our outer world are just reflecting the conditions of humanity's inner world, her focus shifted to energy healing, arts, and yoga. Now a Spiritual Energy Coach, offering healing services and classes with Reiki, Yoga, Meditation and Breathwork, she supports others journeys to self-love, personal mastery, and light-motivated action: the recipe for global healing.

“Follow the calling of your heart, and life will rearrange to support you.” - Nikki

Instagram: @nikki_rae_vibeitup999


Daniela Viera

Venezuelan living in Miami, Daniela is a dedicated practitioner to her practice. Yoga is one of her loves and her passion is evident in all her classes. Certified Yoga Teacher from the University of Florida with 290 Hours of Vinyasa Teacher Training and a member of Yoga Alliance RYS. Daniela offers Spanish Yoga Classes at Aguacate. 

“I am in service to the community offering health & well-being through yoga.”  - Daniela

Instagram: @souluniverso



Stephanie's yoga journey began 7 years ago. Her passion and love for the practice as a student grew, so in October 2018 she became a Kripalu yoga teacher. Kripalu translates into compassion; her class is just that. She guides with clarity and emphasis on simply honoring yourself and body where you are. Aligning breath with movement and inquiries on self, she teaches a yoga practice you can bring off your mat and into your day to day interactions. Making every second of the day a practice to be the best version of yourself. Stephanie incorporates a mix of Hatha, Yin and Vinyasa along with meridian activations, acupressure, and sound healing. She guides you through a journey back to yourself and into your innate wisdom and truth. Also Reiki Level 1 & 2 Certified, as well as a true Earth Steward she is a walking voice for our Earth. Among her many accomplishments, she has helped ban plastic & styrofoam from an island called Dominica and curated an event called, Escape the City. This event helps bring awareness to our three homes:  Earth, Mind & Body. Stephanie is truly a force for embracing change in full love and surrender.


“Yoga is the practice of life and how we practice is how we do or can do life.” - Stephanie

Instagram: @stephs_journeytoself



My name is Ally and I am a yoga teacher and animal caretaker at Aguacate as well as a certified Reiki practitioner. My yoga practice is a relaxing hatha flow focused on connecting each movement with breath and truly tapping into our bodies and surroundings. I incorporate breathing and visualization exercises as well as dynamic and strengthening movements into my classes to create a well rounded practice that will leave you feeling connected and relaxed. Ally & Salim also teach Acro yoga. This type of yoga creates a safe container for play, connection, communication, and growth. Acro yoga is partner yoga with a base and a flier. It has a fun acrobatic side where we make awesome shapes as well as a relaxed as well as a therapeutic side where we lengthen and stretch the entire spine and back body. If you have a tight back, you will greatly benefit from Acro yoga. It might seem intimidating at first  but Acro is for all bodies! Great for friends, siblings or romantic partners, or come by yourself! You do not need to bring a partner to attend our class. Come tap into your inner child as you do things you never thought you could do and leave feeling happy and loose!

“Yoga, movement, and connection are my greatest passions.” - Ally

Instagram: @ally_47_


Taimy Hernandez

Is a RYT 200-hour Yoga Instructor from Miami, Florida who began her yoga journey in January 2018. She is certified in various styles of yoga such as Yin, Restorative, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Hatha, Aerial, Prenatal and kids yoga. Yoga transpired into her life to spiritually heal and teach her to love and be one’s true self. Since then she has also become a Reiki Practitioner, developed vegan/organic handmade essential oil blends, evolved her spiritual reading practice by connecting and being her highest self. Through her yoga practice and guided meditations she has grown, overcome fears, gained strength, confidence, and grew a humbling passion to enlighten others. Each flow becomes a state of peace for the mind and a place of love for the body. Regardless of the style they all teach you something different about yourself. Taimy has found a deep connection to life and nature by taking her home and yoga studio practice outdoors. Her ultimate goal in this life is to inspire and provide the same healing that yoga has given her to others through a fun, safe, loving, judgment free and kind practice. In the words of Taimy “Accept yourself for who you truly are. Love yourself and radiate that love to all. Namaste”

“Accept yourself for who you truly are. Love yourself and radiate that love to all. Namaste” - Taimy

Instagram: @ahappysolyoga


Jessica Adarraga

Jess is a 300-hour RYT from Miami, Florida specializing in Primary Vinyasa Ashtanga, Yin Yoga & Meridian Acupressure therapy. Her journey began in college where she discovered her passion for yoga an experience she describes as “life changing.” Ambitious for more, she continued on her path to enlightenment while developing her skills on and off the mat. Jess incorporates her own unique Pilates style flow in her yoga practice, which aims at strengthening the body and maximizing flexibility. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced yogi, her class will leave you feeling stronger, rejuvenated, and enlightened.


“Inner peace in the new success! “ - Jess

Instagram: @xoenlightened

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