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Herbs By Luz​

Not only do we grow our own Herbs, but we have our very own Master Herbalist with her collection of natural teas & herb products.


Herbs by Luz offers you an array of herb blends and products geared to improve physical, emotional, & mental balance & well-being. Made with intent & love they are sure to awaken your senses & promote healing.


Visit the Container of Love Store and take home the perfect blend of herbs to meet your every need!

Herbs and spices can be found in kitchen cabinets everywhere, adding zest & flavor to endless recipes and culinary creations. Though they are a real treat in our foods, these sacred herbs serve to be more than just another ingredient. Our ancient ancestors understood the plethora of health benefits embedded in the Earth’s herbs & spices.


At Aguacate we have taken pride in growing high quality, organic herbs & making sure our community understands the many ways they can add value to your well being.


All spices originate from the many parts of plants; flowers, fruits, seeds, barks, leaves, and roots. Herbs and spices not only improve the taste of foods, but can help preserve them for longer periods of time as well. They have antibacterial and antiviral properties and many are high in B-vitamins and trace minerals. Many herbs and spices also contain more disease-fighting antioxidants than even fruits and vegetables.


We welcome you to visit our Garden & learn more about these natural & potent, power foods. Every Month we will be offering gardening classes for those interested in learning more

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