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Yoga at Home

Meet the Healers 


Nikki Benoit

Author / Coach / Reiki Master / Speaker
Yoga and Meditation Instructor

An east coast native, Nikki spent her college years and beyond as an activist for animals, the environment and social justice. Needing to make sense of, and come to peace with, everything along the way, she began her work on the spiritual level. When she realized that the conditions of our outer world are just reflecting the conditions of humanity's inner world, her focus shifted to
energy healing, arts, and yoga. Now a Spiritual Energy Coach, offering healing services and classes with Reiki, Yoga, Meditation and Breathwork, she supports others journeys to self-love, personal mastery, and light-motivated action: the recipe for global healing.

IG nikki_rae_vibeitup999

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Yania Aleman

LIV by Design Founder / Reiki Master / Spiritual Teacher / Human Design & Gene Keys Educator MA in Education

Yania’s undeniable connection to spirit has marked every step of her journey since becoming an Educator. It took awareness, trust, & surrender to finally answer the true calling of her heart. She discovered that everything she needed to succeed rested upon her willingness to honor
her energetic being.and unique gifts. This led her to founding LIV by Design, where she shares this knowledge to all who are ready to hear it. Her distinct modality provides her clients with practical approaches & self-empowerment tools for mindful & purposeful living. To LIV by Design is to honor your Energy Type & unique DNA Map. Yania’s Energy Readings help you access the conscious level of awareness necessary to Activate your Divine Nature. Her innate ability to channel & tune into the collective divine blueprint helps others align with their true purpose & authentic self. She believes that to embrace your innate gifts and correctly access your inherent energy pools is to live a life of satisfaction, success, & inner peace. Her classroom training & experience inspired her to create Educational Workshops that integrate her knowledge of Human Design & The Gene Keys in order to bring you the clarity of mind, body, and spirit needed to live authentically. Yania’s practice focuses on letting go of self-imposed limitations within a safe & sacred space that allows for intuitive contemplation. Invite Yania to be your GUIDE on a journey of self discovery, knowledge, & expansion. A journey already seeded & lovingly held deep within your cells. Are you ready to LIV by Design and discover the truth of your nature, the depth of your power, & the roadmap to your higher purpose?

To Book a LIV by Design Personal Session
IG @DivineNature_Activation
Or contact
Yania Aleman | LIV by Design
C: 786-810-6623


Rachel Jeanty

Intuitive Mentor / Author
Founder of Ekute / MA in TESOL

Rachel is a spiritual being having a human experience. Life is like a stage and she plays the roles of mother, wife, daughter, muse , mystic storyteller, medicine woman, intuitive teacher, and student of Ekute. Through mentoring, retreats, and heart practices, she guides you to deeply listen to the heart so that you may become the healer of your own life through divine connection. It is a solemn vow to become more light at a Tony Robbins Unleash the Power Within back in 2013 that put her on a spiritual path. Shortly, she joined the Rejuvenation Center of Dr. Cousens in Patagonia, Arizona for an intense initiation to Native American practices, Jewish faith, and Shamanic studies. In Arizona, she received the Munai-ki rites while studying with Celia Blackwood and taught in a Waldorf School. Life brought her back to Miami to be closer to family for another rapid transformation experience. She studied yoga under the tutelage of Ximena Prelle. She is currently studying Reiki with Reiki master Nikki Benoit. At
Aguacate, she offers self-care practices, leads ceremonies, and other learning journeys to support the evolution of the community. Rachel owns a BBA and MA from Inter American University of Puerto Rico and speaks four languages. "This is a beautiful life, live it consciously and intentionally to find oneness". Blessings brave hearts. Find more information on the heart practice at and consult the activation portals of the month to join an offering.

IG: @Ekuteyourheart


Taimy Hernandez

Yoga & Meditation Instructor / Sound Bowl Energy Healer / Reiki Practitioner / Essential Oils

Is a RYT 200-hour Yoga Instructor from Miami, Florida who began her yoga journey in January 2018. She is certified in various styles of yoga such as Yin, Restorative, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Hatha, Aerial, Prenatal and kids yoga. Yoga transpired into her life to spiritually heal and teach her to love and be one’s true self. Since then she has also become a Reiki Practitioner, developed vegan/organic handmade essential oil blends, evolved her spiritual reading practice by connecting and being her highest self. Through her yoga practice and guided meditations she has grown, overcome fears, gained strength, confidence, and grew a humbling passion to
enlighten others. Each flow becomes a state of peace for the mind and a place of love for the body. Regardless of the style they all teach you something different about yourself. Taimy has found a deep connection to life and nature by taking her home and yoga studio practice
outdoors. Her ultimate goal in this life is to inspire and provide the same healing that yoga has given her to others through a fun, safe, loving, judgment free and kind practice. In the words of Taimy “Accept yourself for who you truly are. Love yourself and radiate that love to all.

IG: AHappySolYoga


Star Roman

DNA Energy Healing Practitioner

Spiritual Therapist

Under the guidance of Johanna Bassols, founder and creator of The Soul Reprogramming method, Star Roman learned and developed the practice of DNA activation/activating the body’s subtle energy system.
Her sessions assist you in breaking through energetic blocks, while activating the body's inherent ability to understand and develop a higher consciousness.

To book a one on one session:
IG @Divine_Assignments

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Maya Rodriguez

Maya Rodriguez was born and raised in Bosnia. After the terrible war in the balkans In 1992 she moved around in Europe, and thus gained a vast knowledge of cultures and languages which in turn shaped the person she is today. 

She finally settled in the US where she acquired a degree with high honors from the University of Virginia. Now she is a wife and a mother to three children.  Although an entrepreneur, she’s always  had a gift of healing and spiritual connection. Thus she successfully owns a Healing Sanctuary called Maya’s Place. She is a Clairvoyant medium, Card interpreter, Reiki Master, Sound and Crystal Healer and a Hypnosis practitioner. 

Her motivation and purpose in life is to spread love and guidance.  Her why; is to heal pain and to bring happiness wherever she is, because she has experienced pain and suffering first hand.   If you ask her what is the one thing that drives her success she would without hesitation say that it is “Pure Love.”  She conducts her practice always  with open arms full of light and love.“To know Maya is to love Maya.”- Jackie B.



Horticulturist / Master Herbalist

Animal Reiki Healer

Born in Colombia, Luz was raised by her grandmother, surrounded by plants and animals. She inherited her grandmother's gardening and great grandmother's herbalism skills, which continue to evolve through her dedicated practice. Guided by her deep connection to the world of plants & herbs she founded Hierbas De Luz, harvested from her homegrown apothecary. She
specializes in mixing immune-boosting herbal tea infusions with Reiki healing energy that can be used for physical and emotional healing, cleansing baths, & spiritual connection. In addition, Luz’s unique relationship with animals has guided & developed her practice with animal Reiki. Here at the healing Sanctuary of Aguacate, she is able to merge both of these worlds, providing
a greater service to the collective in unique & inspiring ways to both humans & animals alike.

IG: Urban_mysticjungle
Secondary IG: Charlie_brown_the_pup
C: 786-580-1789

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