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Maya Rodriguez

Maya Rodriguez was born and raised in Bosnia. After the terrible war in the balkans In 1992 she moved around in Europe, and thus gained a vast knowledge of cultures and languages which in turn shaped the person she is today. 

She finally settled in the US where she acquired a degree with high honors from the University of Virginia. Now she is a wife and a mother to three children.  Although an entrepreneur, she’s always  had a gift of healing and spiritual connection. Thus she successfully owns a Healing Sanctuary called Maya’s Place. She is a Clairvoyant medium, Card interpreter, Reiki Master, Sound and Crystal Healer and a Hypnosis practitioner. 

Her motivation and purpose in life is to spread love and guidance.  Her why; is to heal pain and to bring happiness wherever she is, because she has experienced pain and suffering first hand.   If you ask her what is the one thing that drives her success she would without hesitation say that it is “Pure Love.”  She conducts her practice always  with open arms full of light and love.“To know Maya is to love Maya.”- Jackie B.

We promote a place where you can come and with confidence feel like you are at home. You will feel loved, accepted, open hearted and just plain comfortable. You will then be guided to relax and forget about your stress and worries you carry with you at least for a bit. We will help guide you into a deeper relaxation. Once you reach that stage of relaxation you are not only going to catalyze physical healing and overall improvement by just getting rid of stress, but you will reach the channel where you will be able to reconnect to the true you. The one you that you love. The one you that aligns the best. The you that you have forgotten in the fight called life. This reconnection will in turn promote emotional stabilization and overall improvement in emotional state. Once you are not anxious or worried or sad or guilt tripped your emotional healing has begun and in turn your physical body ignites it is ultimate self -healing. Your body reboots its system and your physical and emotional state return to their natural balance. This state revives who you are, it revives the optimal body state which in turn revives your soul and its purpose. Here is the place where your Body, Mind and Soul reunite again in harmony. We promise you will love it and see a big change in your life. 


Let your journey begin with us.

Meditation by the sea
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